Once you've created a campaign, you'll want to start adding your applicants for testing.

To begin, click on the "Campaigns" tab located on the lefthand navigation menu in the Hire Success web application.

Choose the campaign for the applicants you want to add.

Click on the green "Add a new applicant" button.

You'll see a pop-up screen appear. Within the pop-up screen (see image below), fill in the email, first name, last name and gender of the applicant. You can also add a phone number and notes, if applicable. Note: We ask for the gender of the person taking the test ONLY for the purpose of printing "he" or "she" in the report. The system does NOT use this information when evaluating reports or for any other purpose.

Sending test instructions to the applicant – After adding an applicant to your campaign, a second pop-up appears that provides two options for sending test instructions to the applicant.

Clicking on option 1 will prompt you with a third pop-up screen that contains an editable email template with test instructions. This allows you to email the applicant immediately from our system.

If you prefer, you can simply copy the test URL from option 2. This allows you to paste the link into an email and send it from your own email program. You can also click on the link and open up the test form directly, so that the applicant may take the test on a computer at your office.

Viewing The Test Form

Click on the test URL link or paste it into your browser to bring up the test form that the applicant has been required to take. In the image below, you can see an example of the top of the Personality Profile form. This shows you what your applicants will see when they open the test online.

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