Campaigns are the way you organize your hiring within Hire Success. They'll help you manage a group of applicants for a role and keep all your incoming reports organized.

How to Create a Campaign

Click "Campaigns" in the top navigation bar. 

Click the green "+ Add a new campaign" button.

This will bring up the campaign builder, which will walk you through campaign setup. Here, you'll:

  • Choose the position you're hiring for. You can enter in a new position, or select one you've previously created from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the location where the new hire will work. Again, enter in a new location or select one you've previously created from the drop-down menu. (This can be a city, office building, remote, etc.)
  • Select the tests that applicants for the position will need to take. You can choose from our pre-loaded assessments, as well as ones your organization has created in Hire Success. You'll also see how many questions each of the tests includes so that you can be mindful of how long everything will take. To create a new test for this position, scroll to the bottom and click "Looking to add your own test?"

If you add multiple assessments, you'll see two new questions at the bottom of the form.

  • Test Order: Choose the order of the tests applicants will take. Simply drag and drop the tests by clicking and holding on the up/down triangles next to the names.
  • Require Approval: Select this option if you would like to approve or reject applicants after each test they take. Approving them moves them forward to the next test, while rejecting moves them out of your group of candidates. This is also a great way to show candidates you respect their time by not requiring them to take multiple tests if the first one disqualifies their candidacy. NOTE: If this box is not checked, applicants will take all required tests, one after another.

Once you've filled out the form, click the green "Create this campaign" button at the bottom of the page. This creates your campaign and takes you to the campaign dashboard!

Next Steps for Your Campaign

When you reach the campaign dashboard, be sure to add one or more campaign coordinators. These are people who are in charge of hiring for this campaign. Campaign coordinators will receive notifications indicating when we’ve received an applicant's test data, as well as a direct link to that data within the Hire Success web application.

To add campaign coordinators, click the gray "+ Add/remove team members..." button. You'll see that you have automatically been added to the campaign; if you don't need to be involved, you can remove yourself. (If you want to re-add a coordinator you've removed, you'll need to leave the page and come back again in order to view them on the list.) If the team member is already on Hire Success, you should see their name and photo appear in the drop-down menu. If not, you can add their name and email to invite them to Hire Success.

Next, you'll want to add your first applicant.

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