Sharing reports with people inside and outside Hire Success

Quickly share one or more reports for an applicant or employee.

You don't need to invite someone to your account in order to share reports with them! All reports can be shared directly with anyone else, whether they're in the Hire Success account or not.

By default, all reports are locked down -- only people with access to your account can see a report within Hire Success.  In many occasions, you need to send a report to someone who is not part of your account.

There are several areas within the Hire Success application that allow you to select which reports to share for any applicant or employee. Those areas are: 

Application Detail Page

  1. Visit the 'Applicant Listing Page'
  2. Search for an applicant and click on the applicant's name.
  3. Once on the 'Applicant Detail Page', find the 'Reports' section (ensure that the applicant has completed their assessments) and
  4. click 'Share'. 
Applicant report section showing sharing button

Applicant or Employee Reports

  1. Navigate to any report within the application and
  2. Click on the 'Share' button at the top of the report.
Report Header with share button highlighted

Employee Detail Page

  1. Visit the 'Employee Listing Page',
  2. Search for an employee and click on the employee's name.
  3. Once on the 'Employee Detail Page', find the 'Reports' section (ensure that the employee has completed their assessments) and
  4. Click 'Share reports'.
Employee report section showing share button

Clicking on any the 'share' portion of any of these areas will present you with a report selector. 

Select reports to share modal

By default, all reports available will be selected. To narrow down your selection, simply uncheck any reports you do not wish to share and then click the 'Share' button. 

This will create an 'Interview Packet' that is publicly accessible to anyone with the included link. 

Publicly shareable interview packet link

Along with the link, you have a few other options available to you.

Interview packet options