The Hire Success System allows you to develop and manage fully customized assessments which can be scored and reviewed online. In order to create, use or score any test in the system, you'll need to set up an account with Hire Success. Scoring credits or monthly unlimited testing packages may be purchased online at any time from Hire Success.

The concept is very simple. With your Hire Success account, you can start with our pre-designed questions on a variety of topics such as Math, Grammar and Computer Competency, or you can create as many of your own questions and unique aptitude tests as you like. You can store questions on a particular topic or topics, or you can create any number of categories so questions may be associated with a particular category.

For each question, you can enter straight text, embed HTML code, add graphics, or link to external documents or web pages that may support the question. Each question can also be “weighted” by assigning point values. This allows more difficult or more important questions to be worth more on the test than easier or less important questions.

Each question may have between 2 and 5 choices for the applicant (or employee) to select from. You can use standard multiple choice, yes/no or true/false questions. Each answer has a “percentage” of the question’s point value associated with it. Normally, incorrect answers will receive 0% and correct answers will receive 100%. However, this is totally flexible, and you can assign other percentages to “acceptable” answers.

Once you've created questions and/or categories in your account, you may create any number of test form "templates." This allows you to create and manage any number of different online tests and even different versions of your tests.

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