Here are the steps:

  1. Click here to download the employee spreadsheet template.
  2. Rename the template using your company name.
  3. Add employees to the spreadsheet template.
  4. If you are looking to have employees complete the Personality Profile, you will want to review the default test instructions email template and change any wording where necessary. You can find the template by going to Account > Email templates > Employee test instructions personality.
  5. Once you have finished filling out the template. Email it to for upload and use "For Personality Profile" for the subject if you are wanting each employee on the list to complete a Personality Profile. If you are looking to simply add employees, include "Bulk Employee Upload" to the subject line.
  6. We will confirm receipt and communicate with you when you would like to send out test instructions if applicable. Once we have the go-ahead from you, will trigger the sequence. 
  7. As employees complete the Personality Profile, we'll build the reports and make them available for your review. 
  8. Personality data is now available for use in baselines 
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