After you create a campaign, the next step is to add your applicants for testing. You can either add applicants one by one or create a public opening where applicants will submit their own information.

Manually Add Applicants to a Campaign

To add applicants to your campaign one by one:

1. Click on the "Campaigns" tab in the main navigation bar.

2. From the list of campaigns, click the name of the campaign you'd like to add applicants to. This will bring up your campaign dashboard.

3. Click on the green "Add an applicant" button in the upper right-hand corner. This will allow you to enter the applicant's first and last name, as well as email and gender.

Note: Only first and last name are required; email is not required, though you will need it to send test instructions, and you do not need to select a gender. Selecting a gender will ONLY be used for the purpose of printing "he" or "she" in the final report; the system does NOT use this information when evaluating reports or for any other purpose.

4. Once you submit the form, the window will ask you to email test instructions to the applicant. It will autofill the applicant's name and email address. You can select who the email should be from, change the subject, and edit the test instructions.

(If you prefer, you can simply copy the test URL from the body of the email. This allows you to paste the link into an email directly from your regular email inbox. You can also click on the link and open up the test form directly to have the applicant take the test on a computer at your office.)

5. Once you've finished editing the test instructions email, press the blue "Send Email" button at the bottom. (Alternatively, you can click "Skip" to save the applicant to the campaign without emailing them just yet.)

6. Your applicant will now appear on the campaign dashboard. You can always come back to the dashboard to track the applicant's progress through your campaign.

Preview the Test Form

If you'd like to see what the applicant will see when they open the test link, you can click "View test form" beneath the applicant's name on the campaign dashboard's list of applicants. This will bring up a preview of the test form.

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