Here you'll define the role, decide which tests applicants need to take, organize your testing workflow, dive into stats, and more. This is your place to get a high-level overview and help you manage all the little details in one spot.

You can access a campaign dashboard by:

  1. Clicking "Campaigns" in the top navigation bar to bring up your campaign listing.
  2. Clicking the name of the campaign you'd like to view.

Your dashboard will give you a sense of your campaign's progress at a glance. It's also where you can drill down into more detailed information, updates, and analytics with a click.

This is where your list of applicants lives, too. Click any name to view that applicant's profile and manage their hiring process.

When you create a campaign, you'll choose one or more campaign coordinators from your team, then define the role, the location, the required tests, the testing workflow, and more. But in hiring, things change fast! You can make changes at any time from the campaign dashboard.

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